St. Emily CES Dress Code and Civvies Days

Civvies Days 2020 – May 29th, June 25th

Please remember that our school colours are SOLID BLUE AND WHITE unless students have purchased spirit wear which clearly has our school logo on it. Acceptable bottoms are SOLID blue in colour which can be leggings, track pants, button pants, walking shorts (no short shorts) and
skirts. Acceptable tops are SOLID blue or white in colour unless it is our spirit wear. A reminder that crop tops, low necked tops and spaghetti straps are not permitted. We have incorporated blue hoodies and zip up hoodies in our spirit wear. Staff do understand that there will be times when students have come to school in uniform but may get cold and require them to put on a sweater or hoodie that is not blue or white. We will make allowances for the occasional time but we would like to adhere to the colours and
parameters that have been set out by the school and CSC.