Students Have Life Threatening Allergies – Anaphylaxis


The York Catholic District School Board continues to help protect anaphylactic students, students with life threatening allergies. As outlined in the policy, parents are asked to inform the school of such allergies and are required to fill in S15 and S15a forms which are available in the office. Each form must have a passport size picture attached so that the student is easily identifiable to staff. Parents are also asked to ensure that students for whom EpiPens are prescribed have two EpiPens at school. One EpiPen must be worn by the student in a fanny pack at all times, this includes on the bus, on excursions, and all other school related activities/sports and the other EpiPen must be stored in the school central location for emergency use only.   We will continue with our “allergy safe” school environment via food restrictions, students will be informed of and reminded that they are not to share food. The school environment includes entire school grounds, buses and other modes of transportation, school trips, before/after school/weekend programs, and school sanctioned events involving pupils. We will continue to communicate regularly to the entire school community that we are an “allergen safe” school via newsletters.  We ask parents to help maintain a safe, “peanut/nut safe” school by eliminating the use of peanut butter and by inspecting food ingredient lists for peanuts, peanut oil, and peanut by products. Please reinforce the message with your child that food snacks should not be shared with other children.  Please refer to Policy 209.   Policy209-Protection-Students-Anaphylaxis